Friday, May 6, 2011

Picture Overload...

Sooo...It's been awhile, like 3 months I think! So I thought I better at least put some pictures up of my little munchkin and some of the other things that have happened since

This first picture was of Haylin on a drive up to Cardston to go see her great grand parents get set apart as missionaries. The ride wasn't very pleasant, first because she needed attention so i had to sit in the back with her and second because...well as you can see in the bottom right hand pictures she...well...kinda messed herself. It was so funny I had to take a picture.

This here is the cutest nephew ever...

I took a few memory photos so see how big Haylin is when G&G Evanson get home! Haylin also loved walking around with grandpa while he made up little songs to go along with his bouncing beat. He does it with every grandchild! In the top right hand corner picture is great great grandma Evanson taking a look at Haylin.

So for my Birthday my mom bought me a ticket to "RIVER DANCING"!!!! It was amazing. Karah bought a ticket as well. But I always remember when I was little dancing to river dance because my mom had bought one of the CD way back when. My friends and I would pretend to be fairies and dance to our favorite songs.

done for now...

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  1. Cute Pictures! I am so jealous that you guy went to Riverdance. Ryan and I used to dance to it all the time :)